Monday, August 16, 2010


With my daughter Kiti.

In 1998 I was playing in the Linares Open tournament. One day I bought some food and among other things there was some canned fish. In the evening, a very young Levon Aronian entered my room. He picked up the tin, and seeing the logo of the manufacturer - a tiny kitten - he asserted - with a healthy laughter - that it was a food for cats. Although he knew that it was not so, Levon nevertheless made fun of me during the whole tournament.
"Well, have you eaten 'Whiskas' today?"
"The store still has food for cats?"
His laughter was contagious and made me laugh along. Six years later my daughter was born. One day I met Levon:
"Congratulations, Ashot! How did you name your little girl?"
"Her name is Kiti."
"See? I told you it was 'Whiskas'!"


Philip Chan said...

I like this Ashot. I did not realize you have a fantastic sense of humour and with which I thought only Englishmen possesses. Great stuff.

Philip Chan

Ashot Nadanian said...

Thank you, Philip!